SHT contributes to protecting our beautiful planet by maximizing energy consumption efficiency.


our group

Strategy – Human – Technology
SHT stands for Strategy – Human – Technology. SHT’s products and business operations prioritize eco-design, reducing product size and weight and maximizing energy consumption efficiency to support a sustainable society. The SHT Group is committed to maintaining its role as an innovative leader in power electronics device technology.

our business

Pivoting from “competition” to “co-creation”
While solidifying its unique position on the global stage as a power system components specialist through a strategy of targeting niche markets, SHT is co-creating new value in collaboration with customers, suppliers, and other manufacturers.

our technology

“You’re amazing! You push the frontier!”
SHT’s core competence is leading-edge power electronics device technology. We are constantly honing that technology through an emphasis on precision, and we even fabricate our own materials when necessary. Prototypes are developed with the aim of fully automating all manufacturing processes. Our aim is to hear our customers exclaim, “You’re amazing! You push the frontier!” This is the SHT spirit.

our product

An innovative leader in power electronics device technology
In addition to clean energy applications such as state-of-the-art hybrid and electric vehicles and solar power, SHT products are widely used in air conditioners, induction cooking appliances, and all other types of inverter application. By applying cutting-edge production technologies, SHT continues to meet evolving needs through industry-leading products.

our value

A synergy of people, technology, and manufacturing methods
Believing that our products will play an important role in protecting our beautiful planet, we constantly work to improve our expertise, technology, and manufacturing methods.