180 Choke

Compact, low high-frequency loss choke coils
(Name: 180 Choke)

Under development

Product Characteristics

Significantly smaller size and less loss than a conventional model

Higher switching frequency compatibility and reduced weight contribute to lower energy consumption.

  • Low loss

    A proprietary method of winding an assembly of untwisted wires achieves both reduced loss using the skin effect at high frequencies and a high space factor for the wound wire

  • Compact and lightweight

    Proprietary winding technology and a high heat dissipation design enable a core volume 15% smaller than a hand-wound choke coil.

  • High heat dissipation

    Monolithically molded cores using high thermal conduction resin enable thermal equalization and new possibilities for fin shapes, etc., aiding heat dissipation.

Patent pending

  • PFC choke coils for power conversion circuits for air conditioners, PV inverters, portable power supplies, onboard chargers, etc.
  • Compatible frequencies up to 85 kHz; rated current up to 30 A (ex:IGBT at 20 kHz, SiC at 50 kHz)
  • Typical characteristics

    Shape diagram

    Compact design

    • Low-loss, high-heat-dissipation design reduces core size approx.
      15% (compared with common single-strand iron powder core choke coil).

    Designed for mounting on circuit boards

    • Monolithic molding evens heat dissipation, reduces size and weight, suppresses temperature rise and enables circuit board mounting
    • Enables heat dissipation to chassis through its flat top.

    Printed data matrix

    • Data matrix enables displaying the lot number and characteristics onscreen; useful for unit control and easy traceability