GMK Transformer

Compact, lightweight GMK transformer

Product characteristics

Significantly more compact and lighter than a conventional model

Contributes to product weight reduction, aiding energy efficiency and space saving.

  • Compact and lightweight

    The bobbin-less construction, specially designed wound core, and high-density winding result in a 29% smaller size and 47% lighter weight than EI core transformers.

  • Energy saving

    With significantly less copper loss and iron loss, standby power is reduced by 92% compared with a conventional EI core transformer

  • High-density winding

    Bobbinless high-density winding reduces bobbin waste

High-density winding

2kVA model

  • Electricity storage systems, UPS devices, medical-use power supplies, high-grade audio equipment and industrial power supplies
  • Wind power equipment and power supplies for ships and aircraft
  • Compatible with high-frequency applications: 50/60 Hz to 400 Hz to 3 kHz
    Compatible tolerance range: 100 VA to 2.5 kVA

Typical characteristics

Shape diagrams (2kVA example)Single phase single winding power transformer