Current Transformers

SHT leads the market in Japan,
offering a complete line of current transformers
for home appliances and industrial machines.

in Japan!

85% of the market!
(SHT data)


SHT current transformers promise consistent quality and a reliable product supply.

Product characteristics

High-precision type
  1. Current detection precision ±0.5%
  2. 18% smaller than previous model
    (Proprietary case provides a compact design)
  3. Printed data matrix
  4. Output voltage displayed
  5. Insulated case for automated mounting
Insulated case/molded type
  1. Current detection precision ±3%
  2. Designed for safety, the coil is covered with an insulated case for use outdoors and in wet environments.
  3. Insulated case for automated mounting
Open type
  1. Current detection precision ±3%
  2. Fewer parts for a low cost design


  • Transformer type current sensors for AC current detection
  • Meets national electrical standards, including IED ClassⅠ.
  • Current detection range 2A – 28A
  • Current detection precision ±0.5%/±3%
  • Compatible with phase control applications


Air conditioners, induction cooktops, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, rice cookers, and other electrical appliances

Product Lineup

Newly developed
High precision: Current detection precision ±0.5%

CCM-EI1407 (Current: 2 – 28A)

Insulated case: Current detection precision ±3%

CCS-1104P (Current: 2 – 14A)

CCB-2208 (Current: 2 – 24A)

Molded case: Current detection precision ±3%

CMB-2208 (Current: 2 – 24A)

Open design: Current detection precision ±3%

CTS-EE0904P3 (Current: 2 – 18A)

CTB-EE1908P3 (Current: 2 – 28A)

Typical characteristics

CCM-EI1407 (Current–voltage characteristic)