Choke Coils

Using SHT patented technologies such as our side gap and bank coil production methods, we offer choke coils with wound cores that incorporate grain oriented electrical steel for a wide range of applications.


Toroidal choke coils are taken to a new level using machines for coil winding!

Molded core
High quality, high-performance cores are manufactured in a single continuous process, from unspooling thin silicon steel sheet to monolithic molding.
Side gap (patented manufacturing method)
Transitioning to machines for winding toroidal choke coils is achieved through by adjusting the magnetic gap position in the coil assembly.
Bank coils (patented manufacturing method)
High function mechanical coil windings structurally suppress line potential differences, feature a high withstand voltage and low stray capacitance, and are free of layer short circuits.
D-shaped cores (patented manufacturing method)
Dual magnetic gap structure enables using wire diameters compatible with increasing the rated current range and reduces magnetic flux leakage, thereby reducing unit power loss and [electromagnetic?] noise affecting peripheral equipment.

Multi-pitch lead forming
Assures compatibility with the user's circuit board design.
  • Compact design and low loss characteristics achieved while maintaining the outstanding performance of silicon steel toroidal cores.
  • Automatic winding of bank coils using our proprietary production equipment.
    • Improved product reliability
    • Lower stray capacitance improves frequency characteristics
    • Suppressing the electric potential difference between windings means a higher withstand voltage.


D-shaped choke coil construction



Superior magnetic flux leakage of D core with core insert compared with conventional toroidal core


Magnetic simulation
Center gap (toroidal core)

D core

Magnetic simulation
2-stage gap (D core with core insert)


  • Normal mode line filter choke coils for power circuits
  • Choke coils for switching power output smoothing circuits
  • Choke coils for power factor correction (PFC) circuits, and choke coils for high frequency drive circuits

Product data

Mass-produced product numbers and corresponding electrical characteristics and dimensions

DC superimposition characteristic (L–I at 1 kHz)


Please feel free to ask about other products not shown. We can customize to your specifications.

Machine winding, 3-phase common mode choke coils

3-phase common mode choke coils wound by machine!

  • Single strand machine windings for high current loads that cannot be wound by hand
  • Winding configuration provides superior frequency characteristics
  • Machine windings provide more stable quality
  • Patented

Product data

Mass-produced product numbers and corresponding electrical characteristics and dimensions


Impedance–frequency characteristic (Z–f)