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Technology Group Communication: Introducing a force gauge with a motorized test stand

Technology Group Announcement: Introducing force gauge with motorized test stand


Force gauge, IMADA ZTS-2500N

Motorized test stand, IMADA MX2-2500N



Using our sensor cores, we ambitiously developed an encased sensor core employing ultrasonic welding to eliminate the performance degradation that is unavoidable with conventional monolithic molding.


One important management parameter using ultrasonic welding is weld strength.


We used a force gauge capable of measurements to 1000 N, but thought that product quality could only be assured when the actual break point was confirmed. We also wanted to eliminate as much as possible variations resulting from differences caused by the operator, and differences resulting from the push/pull speed of the test.

Our solution was to design and integrate a force gauge capable of measuring to 2500 N with a motorized test stand.


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